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Kirk LaPointe's J-Home

To read the world's best news media, learn about the craft of journalism, and acquire resources to create better stories.

The Reading Room - speed, scope, and depth

Speed: Wires and Tickers

Agence-France Presse: English wire from the fine French service
Associated Press: Its ticker service
Bloomberg Business News: Timely, spartan but spot-on commerce coverage
British Broadcasting Corporation: Text from the masterful Beeb
Business Wire: Nothing more or less than its title suggests
Cable News Network: Superb, live, pithy, wired
Cable News Network Financial Network: The commerce offspring of the all-news giant new utility service from the Southam New Media organization
CBC Newsworld: Canada's all-news network
The Canadian Press: Canada's fastest news source, updated regularly
Canadian Online Explorer: The Sun chain and Maclean Hunter, and hats off to the site
CBS Sportsline: Staggeringly fast sports information
Clari.Net: A news service promising tomorrow's news now
Current Events: An updated news and context-laden links site from the Yahoo! index
ENews: The latest in the entertainment world
ESPN SportsZone: Results, news and information
Euronet: Good service from the continent
European Business News: Updated business wire from overseas
FlashNews: Tip service and news wire, a little offbeat
Foreign Wire: A good package of updated world news and features
Infoseek News Channel: Wide-ranging updated service from the massive index
IntelliCast: Updated weather service worldwide
Interfax News Service: The Russian news agency
Metaplus Headlines: An exceptional collection of updated headline services
NewsAlert: An index of news and news releases that tips you when something's happening
News Frontier: Strong updated news service
News Hub: Stories moved in the last 15 minutes or so
NewsMax: A recent addition to the updated news sources
NewsTracker: The finely organized news vehicle of the Excite search engine folks
Nikkei Net: Keeping track of the Japanese markets made simple
Pan-African News Agency: A solid updated news source from the Dark Continent
Press Association: The British news agency
Reuters: The news and stock service extraordinaire
Reuters Canada: Reuters' Canadian news and business wire
Showbiz Wire: The latest from the wires on show business
Sympatico NewsExpress: Updated CP and Reuters feeds
Top News: A headline service from the Lycos folks at Carnegie Mellon University
Washington Post/L.A. Times: Snappy service from two American titans
The Weather Network: The Canadian weather service online
WorldNetDaily: Fine compendium of news and information
Yahoo! News: Peppy, frisky, updated service from the mammoth Web index

Scope: Omnibus Newsstands

AJR Newslink: The omnibus newspaper and magazine site
Ecola: Magazine and newspaper reading until you drop
The Electric Library: Newsstand and newspaper site of some magnitude
The Electronic Newsstand: Magazines on topics you didn't even knew existed
Internet Public Library Reading Room: Exceptionally organized list of newspapers worldwide
NewsBot: A searchable index of news stories from the folks at HotBot
News Hunt: A terrific meta-search site for 65 free archives
NewsIndex: An online search engine that scours more than 200 wires and publications for particular words
Newspaperlinks: Good list of newspaper sites from the Newspaper Assn. of America
Newspapers Online: You might even find some I haven't
News Resource: Mammoth and well-organized newspaper site
NewsWorks: An interesting blend of American online papers in one site
PointCast: Requires a download of software, then it's a nice surf of content
Time Warner Pathfinder: A vast forest of magazines
Total News: A current news search engine that takes content from others and puts it in its own frame

Depth: Major Media Online - General, then by Department

General Media

ABC News: A hefty site from a hefty company
Africa Online: A diverse package of daily and feature news from the continent
Alaska Highway News: You can't go much more north
Arizona Republic: Where it's always warmer and newsy
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: The respected paper of the South
The Atlantic Monthly: Still a great magazine
The Australian Observer: A solid online source from Down Under
The Baltimore Sun: The wide-ranging online service from the strong Maryland daily
Bangkok Post: News from Thailand and southeast Asia
Belfast Telegraph: A Northern Ireland news giant
Boulevards: Interesting assemblage of alternative, progressive and eclectic commentary
Bourque Newswatch Canada: A bright and eclectic home to news stories and Net findings
The Boston Globe: One of the best marriages of Web and paper
British Broadcasting Corp.: News from the Beeb
The Calgary Herald: One of Alberta's two fine papers
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: The home of public broadcasting
CBC News: The principal site for the news operation of CBC
CBC Radio: Plenty of audio and text from the public broadcaster
CBS News: One of the AmNet giants
Cable News Network: Strong basic and updated news site
The Chicago Sun-Times: The successful Chicago tabloid
The Chicago Tribune: The successful Chicago broadsheet
Children's Express: Award-winning site by children age 8-18
China Times: English-language daily chronicling the world's largest country
Christian Science Monitor: Journalism oozing with context
Cincinnati Post: The Buckeye State's big paper
Cleveland Plain Dealer: The Buckeye State's other big paper
Consortium for Independent Journalism: This ambitiously-named site also beats the big boys
The Dallas Morning News: The national newspaper of Texas
The Daily Mirror: The popular aggressive tabloid of London
The Daily Telegraph: Europe's, and many days the world's, finest paper
The Denver Post: The premier paper in the middle of the U.S.
Der Spiegel: One of the world's great publications
The Detroit Free Press: One of Motor City's big wheels
The Detroit News: Another one of Motor City's big wheels
The Edmonton Journal: One of Alberta's two fine papers
The European: The fine continental view
Farmer's Almanac: For a decided change of pace
FOX News: A fledgling, but enterprising site
Fredericton Daily Gleaner: New Brunswick capital's daily
The Globe and Mail: Canada's national newspaper
The Guardian of London: Just another respected paper in that city
The Halifax Chronicle-Herald: The sturdy broadsheet
The Halifax Daily News: The Web-distinctive tabloid
The Hamilton Spectator: I am its Editor-in-Chief, so I recommend it
Harper's Magazine: A healthy package of recent pieces from the still-chipper publication
Hartford Courant: The Connecticut alternative to the Boston Globe
Hong Kong Standard: Substantial daily of the region
Honolulu Star-Bulletin: The best newspaper in a city of some distraction
Hot Wired: The ambitious online Wired
Houston Chronicle: Solid online edition from the Lone Star State
The Independent: The increasingly fortified British broadsheet
Indianapolis Star and News: The Hoosier State's prinicipal broadsheet
The International Herald Tribune: The substantial global paper
The Irish Independent:A leading Irish daily
The Irish Times: A leading daily of the emerald isle
The Jerusalem Post: An exceptional, if insiderish compass to Israel
The Johannesburg Star: One of the great South African papers
Kansas City Star: Fine online version of the strong U.S. daily
Kingston Whig-Standard: One of Canada's most ambitious smaller-town dailies
The Kitchener-Waterloo Record: A strong paper of southwest Ontario
Las Vegas Review-Journal: To keep up on matters Vegas, there's no better place
Le Monde : Si vous parlez fran•ais
Le Monde Diplomatique: Si vous connais les affaires globiales
Le Soleil: The Quebec City daily, en francais naturellement
The London Free Press: Southwestern Ontario daily paper blending tabloid ownership and broadsheet format
The Los Angeles Times: One of America's finest papers and sites
Maclean's Magazine: The Canadian national newsmagazine
The Mail and Star: South African voices
The Miami Herald: Acclaimed writing and reporting
Megastories: A large site of newsfeatures from various sources
Minneapolis-St.Paul Star-Tribune: Capable site from the capable paper in the Twin Cities
The Montreal Gazette: The venerable, distinguished Quebec daily
Journal de Montreal: The plucky tabloid from Montreal, en francais
Moscow Times: The Russian English daily
MSNBC: Microsoft and NBC joint forces on journalism
NandoNews: An impressive, veteran newspaper Web site
The Nation: Distinct viewpoint, distinguished presentation
National Post: Canada's new national newspaper, of which I am formerly Executive Editor
National Public Radio: Audio and text from the U.S. public broadcaster
National Review: Distinct viewpoint, distinguished presentation
The New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal: The province's adventurous paper
New Hampshire Union Leader: The chain of the northeastern State
The New Republic: Distinct viewpoint, distinguished presenation
Newscan: Weekly compendium of Canadian news from the embassy in Washington
Newsday: Good online content from the mass-market daily
Newslinx: A substantial daily online look at the online world
NewsPort: A finely designed site with some independent-minded journalism
The New York Daily News: The largest daily in the largest city
The New Yorker: Some content from the great publication
New York Observer: The hip, considered weekly on salmon-coloured paper
New York Post: No-shrinking-violet journalism
The New York Times: The acknowledged champ
Northern News Service: A vital, updated service from Canada's North
Nunatsiaq News: The able paper of Canada's North
The Observer of London: Just another respected paper in that city
Orange Country Register: Good online presence from the Sunshine State daily
The Oregonian: Still one of America's finest
Orlando Sentinel: One of Florida's well-resourced papers
The Ottawa Citizen: Canada's most ambitious paper
The Paris Review: Required reading for the critics
Philadelphia Daily News: From the city of Brotherly Love, one of two fine papers
The Philadelphia Inquirer: One of America's finest papers
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Pennsylvania's principal paper
Reader's Digest: Sure, pretend you've never read it
The Regina Leader-Post: One of two formidable Saskatchewan dailies
Rocky Mountain News: Denver's competitive daily paper
Russia Today: A good window on the former Soviet Union
Salon Magazine: The second most impressive online publication
San Diego Union Tribune: The other big California city and its paper
San Francisco Chronicle: One of two SanFran broadsheets
San Francisco Examiner: One of two SanFran broadsheets
San Jose Mercury: A founding father of online journalism
Saskatoon Star-Phoenix: One of two formidable Saskatchewan dailies
Saturday Night: The Canadian monthly magazine
The Seattle Times: The fine paper of the American Northwest
Slate Magazine: The most impressive online publication
The Smoking Gun: Twice-weekly publication of classified documents
The Southam Newspapers: Canada's largest newspaper chain
South China Morning Post: A Hong Kong powerhouse
Spectator of London: Acclaimed weekly magazine's online presence
Stern Magazine: German and often world-beating
St. John's Evening Telegram: The definitive newspaper of the Rock
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Missouri's big paper
St. Paul Pioneer Planet: Exceptionally creative broadsheet from a left-field place
St. Petersburg Times: The prominent Floridian broadsheet
The Sydney Morning Herald: The definitive paper of Australia
Tampa Tribune: A good Florida paper with a great Web site
Time Magazine: The fine American newsmagazine
Time Magazine Daily: The great online daily from Time
The Times of India: One of India's premier dailies
The Times of London: Revered for a reason
The Toronto Star: Canada's largest paper, with a large site
USA Today : Journalists despise it and read it voraciously
U.S. News and World Report: The fine American newsmagazine
The Vancouver Province: The fine B.C. tabloid
The Vancouver Sun: The fine B.C. broadsheet
Victoria Times-Colonist:The august daily of the British Columbia capital
Washington Monthly: Intelligent newsmagazine with a great perspective
The Washington Post: A great newspaper, with extra Web content
The Washington Times: Aggressive paper that tries hard
: Well-written online magazine
The Windsor Star: Not your average border-town paper
The Winnipeg Free Press: Manitoba's paper of record
World and I: International affairs from the Washington Times
World Press Photo: The definitive site for photojournalism
Yomiuri Shimbun: Japan's largest daily
Yukon News:Good online presence from Canada's northern, western paper


The Business Corner

Barron's: The distinguished business publication
Business Week: The newsmagazine of commerce
Business 2.0: A fine recent addition to the monthlies on the new economy
Canadian Business: The country's leading financial magazine
The Economist: Inspired, definitive, authoritative newsmagazine
Far Eastern Economic Review: A definitive information source on commerce
Fast Company: The peppy magazine on the new economy
Financial Times: Distinguished journalism of commerce
Forbes: Still definitive after all these years
Fortune: The distinguished business monthly
Harvard Business Review: The definitive academic journal on commerce
Investor's Business Daily: The impressive, sharply written business paper
Money: Personal finance, commerce, in one place
Money and Investing Online:Wall Street Journal and a wire service in one
Red Herring: Fine recent addition to the publications on the new economy
The Street:Online business resource with a good mix of fact and speculation
The Wall Street Journal: For a fee, but not a huge one, even more than the basic newspaper

Entertainment and Culture

Addicted to Noise: The fine online critique of the music world
Billboard: The music business Bible
The Boston Review: Required reading for the critics
Cagle's Professional Cartoonist Index: Wide-ranging home to the funny illustrators
Calvin and Hobbes: The Proust and Camus of our time
Cornered:The bizarre world as seen by Mike Baldwin, syndicated cartoonist from The Hamilton Spectator
Cyber-Sleaze: A daily dose of gossip and nastier bits about celebrities, some of it highly accurate
Dilbert: No day of thinking about business should be without it
Doonesbury: No day of thinking about politics should be without it
E! Online: The E! entertainment network's online hub, and plentiful it is
Entertainment Tonight: Good gossip and showbiz address
Entertainment Weekly: The glossy, mainstream, well-constructed weekly on the entertainment scene
Fade To Black: Generally hiliarious online comedy magazine
The Hollywood Reporter: Insider news from the city of dreams
Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn: Smug, fun new show with an extensive site
David Letterman's Top Ten List: Informed commentary from a scholarly screwball
London Review of Books: The venerable British book weekly on the Next Big Writer
Dennis Miller Live: Official site of the bravest television show ever
Movie Review Query Engine: Find a decent review of just about any film
New Musical Express: The venerable British pop weekly on the Next Big Thing
News of the Weird: Chuck Shepherd's weekly syndicated column on the stranger side of life
The Onion: Online media's satirical voice
People Magazine: A quarter-century old, but still the vital source of weekly, accessible profiles
Plume Noire: A recent, solid addition to the online entertainment media
Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher: The monologue, jokes, and some interactivity
Premiere Magazine: The fine fortnightly on the film world
Rolling Stone: A little greyer, a little less edgy, but still pretty smart after all this time
Mr. Showbiz: Possibly the best online entertainment site
The New York Review of Books: Required reading for the critics
Tonight Show with Jay Leno: All the jokes and then some
Ultimate Band List: Great resource on musicians
Useless Daily Info: A nice, thoroughly useless bit of data each day
User Friendly: The Internet cartoon about the Internet
Variety: The daily trade sheet on show bid-ness

Life and Science

48 Hours: Consumer-friendly medical journal online
Discover Magazine: The accessible guide to the world
Discovery Channel Canada: The strong resource of the Canadian network
Discussion Network: A pile of newsgroups that help you assess the street buzz on any issue
Doctor's Guide: A compendium of the latest medical journal research
Health News: A solid, expansive guide on the latest health information
Health Writer: A generous batch of resources by one for one
iVillage: An impressive, expansive site for women
Journal of American Medical Association: A leading research journal online
Junk Science: An excellent debunking site
The Lancet: The distinguished British medical journal online
National Geographic: The world at your desktop
Nature: The ground-breaking science magazine
New England Journal of Medicine: Weekly groundbreaking journal on advances
The New Scientist: The literate, accessible guide to science
People Magazine: Still light and delightful
PubMed: Millions of medical and science abstracts online free
Reason Magazine: Thoughtful, refined publication
Science: The scholarly, but accessible science publication
Science Magazine: Strong roundup of research and perspectives
Science News: Valuable roundup of the latest material
Scientific American: The literate guide to the sciences
Skeptic News: Another take on conventional wisdom
Smithsonian Magazine: Superb magazine from the superb institute
Thrive Magazine: Relatively new addition from the Pathfinder juggernaut
WebDoctor: A good package of the latest research from journals
Whyfiles: A consistently strong look at the science behind the news
Politics and Policy

All Politics: CNN and Time and others on politics
The American Spectator: Distinct viewpoint, distinguished presentation
The Drudge Report: An array of news and information, with attitude
C-SPAN: America's public affairs TV channel
Congressional Quarterly: A digest version of the Washington publication on Capitol Hill
Federal News Service: Good look at Inside-the-Beltway happenings as they happen
Foreign Affairs: Great, unparalleled, but infrequent international affairs
Hill News:Rough and tumble data from the Beltway
Hill Times: The Canadian weekly from the parliamentary precinct
Monitor: The key Canadian guide on lobbying and policy activity Wonk talk galore
Political Junkie: Lively, aggressive site on what's up and down and in and out
Politics Now - The Cloakroom: Policy discussion until you drop
Roll Call: Definitive inside-the-Beltway news and commentary
Washington Monthly: Great, if spare, content from the daring publication
World Statesman: Speeches from our leaders


ABC Sports: Part of the mondo Disney service, with excellent daily content
Baseball: The Game Beyond: Thoughtful resource on the science of the game
Cable News Network/Sports Illustrated: CNN/SI is the new powerhouse in sports coverage
CarTalk: The home of Click and Clack, the famous car aficionados
ESPN: The all-sports network's all-encompassing site
ESPN Magazine: The fortnightly glossy on the games people play
E-Sports: Solid news and commentary site online
Exploratorium Sports: The science behind sport
FOX Sports: The brassy network's aggressive online site
The Hockey News: It's in our blood
Journal of Basketball Studies: Excellent historical site on the game
L.A. Times Sports: Some distinguished writing and impressive content
MSNBC Sports: The formidable combo of Microsoft and NBC sprung into action
The Sporting News: The sports weekly of choice
Sports Illustrated: The literate sport magazine
The Sports Network: The Canadian television network's well-maintained info site
USA Today Baseball Weekly: The fine weekly compendium of stats and data
Yahoo! Sports: The Internet indice provides enormous access to content in one place

The Business of Journalism

Adbusters: Irreverent, often incisive look at the way we sell things
Advertising Age: The definitive journal for the revenue stream
American Copy Editors' Society: Here's hoping I placed the possessive correctly in the title
American Editor: Online version of the ASNE publication
American Journalism Review: An exceptional guide to resources
American Society of Newspaper Editors: Organization for news executives
Associated Press Managing Editors: American group of newsroom executives
Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications: Academic group pushing for higher standards
Brill's Content: Steven Brill's controversial media magazine
Broadcasting and Cable: U.S. magazine on the two media
ByLine Magazine: Resources and tips for the writer
Canadian Association of Journalists: The country's club for the craft
Canadian Committee to Protect Journalists: Organization that scrutinizes threats to the craft worldwide
Canadian Newspapers Association: Industry group for newspapers
Canadian University Press: The organization for the student papers
Noam Chomsky's Archives: Musings and more serious from the media critic
Columbia Journalism Review: The improved online edition of the business Bible
Commonwealth Press Union: Trade and advocacy association for the Commonwealth press
The Copy Editor: Because not everyone just writes
Current: Online look at U.S. public broadcasting
Daily Planet: An updated look at the media world
Editor & Publisher: A strong resource for our work
Electronic Frontier Canada: Watchdog on online rights and issues
eMediaweekly: The upstart review of the publishing world
Ethics: Organization on journalistic ethics
FAIR: Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, U.S. watchdog
Hollinger Inc.: Corporate site for the newspaper giant
International Association for Newspapers and Media Technology: Says it all in the title
International Consortium of Investigative Journalists: Imposing title describes it
International Newspaper Marketing Executives: Worldwide organization on the craft's marketers
International Federation of Journalists: Worldwide organization on the craft's practicioners
Investigative Reporters and Editors: U.S.-based club for diggers
Journalism Forum: The large j-forum on CompuServe
Marketing Magazine: Canadian weekly on selling the product we make
Media Central: Journalism review from the Cowles group
Media Research Central: U.S. site on media activity
Media Studies Centre: U.S. centre pushing for greater media standards
Media Week: When you have to know who's moving up and down
News Corp.: Corporate site for the Murdoch world
Newspaper Association of America: Industry group for newspapers
NewsWatch: Formerly Project Censored Canada, critical guide on media
NICAR: U.S. National Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting
North American Communications Schools: Handy site to the institutes of learning
Online Journalism Review: Critical entity on Web journalism
Press Time: Review from the Newspaper Association of America
Publishers Weekly: For the bookish set
The Poynter Institute: The professional and academic media centre, with plenty of useful links
The Cox Institute: American academic organization on media
Publishers Weekly: The insiderish look at the business of publication
The Pulitzer Organization: We should hope
Quill: The review from the Society of Professional Journalists
Reporters' Committee for a Free Press: U.S. journalist group lobbying for reporters' rights A worthy list of reporters online and not
ShopTalk:Don Fitzpatrick's terrific, bang-on daily on the broadcast business
Society of Newspaper Designers: Pretty pages are them
Society of Professional Journalists: Club for the high-minded craft
Southam Inc.: Corporate site for the Canadian newspaper chain
Strategy: New site for the magazine on the media business
Thomson Corp.: Corporate site for the communications firm
Torstar Corp.: Corporate site for the communications firm
typoGRAPHIC: An artistic look at the design of typography
Week: British journalism review
World Newspaper Association: International organization for the newspaper business
Writer and Publisher: Basic resource for employee and employer

Helping Hands - Journalistic Resources

Archives and Libraries

Boston Globe: Search back issues of the paper
CBC National: Search transcripts of the national newscast
Christian Science Monitor: Search back issues of the paper
CNN: Search stories from the network's vaults
Full-Text Documents Online: A massive index of retrievable documents
Globe and Mail: Search back issues of the paper
Library of Congress: Good package of information from the big library
Library Resources: A one-stop point for Internet library services
LibWeb: The library of libraries on the Internet, a huge resource
Statistics Library: This University of Michigan site houses immense data and links to other such homes
Knight-Ridder Newspapers: Search stories from the U.S. chain's newspapers
Montreal Gazette: Search back issues of the paper
Newspaper Archives on the Web: Thorough package of dailies with their data
Ottawa Citizen: Search back issues of the paper
Southam Newspapers: Search stories from the news agency and papers
Toronto Star: Search back issues of the paper
Washington Post: Search back issues of the paper
WebCat: An exceptional Canadian library resource
Wiretap: One of the original Internet resources with access to archives galore
WWW Virtual Library - Journalism: Gargantuan site of journalism resources
WWW Virtual Library - Subject Catalogue: Killer site for research, be prepared to read

Downloading Data - Sites With Stuff

CNET: An alive and alert gauge of the online world, and a reference tool Formerly AudioNet, this site offers loads of downloads of audio and video
Channelseek: Online program guide to Web broadcasts
CDNow: Massive index of music, with samples and editorial content A formidable site for freeware and shareware
Finding Data Online: A good tip site on where things are and how to get what you want
Live Concerts: Excellent site for live music, with a healthy archive
Macworld Online: For the Mac user, all 13 of us left in the world, when in need
MediaChannel: Guide to Web broadcasts
MediaDome: Very good site of movies, music and downloads
Microsoft: Software help from the giant
Music Boulevard: Sample, download, and purchase music
Netscape: Stay abreast of the latest browser software
RealAudio: Audio software for the downloading Hundreds of thousands of free or near-free software Hundreds of thousands of free or near-free software
TimeCast: Audio software for the downloading
ZDNet: Download, browse, use as a reference for the best advice on the online world
ZDNet Software Library: The Top 10 downloads of our time

Journalists Pitch In - Home Pages from and about the Craft

Access to Information: Southam News journalist Jim Bronskill's guide to the murky world of Access to Information
Bill Dedman's Resources for Journalists: One of the world's top online journalism sources and his advice
Fire Photos: Experts on how to shoot flames properly
Hal Doran's Journalism Page:A veteran journalist finds, then shares, the best of the Net for journalists
Internet News Resource: A recommended site for research and reading
Internet Newsroom: A helpful service for journalists online
J-Files: Computer-Assisted Journalism: Virginia Commonwealth University helpful resource on CAJ
JournalismNet: Julian Sher, the first Canadian journalist to get Web-serious, still has the best page of all of us
Mary McGuire's Journalism Page: Journalist turned professor and author with site for researchers, journalists
NewsPlace: Solid site on journalism and resources
Online Journalist: A strong resource for journalists on the Internet
Photography Advice: Information and tips, including digital advice, from Calgary Herald shooter
Reporter's Internet Survival Guide: Great starting point for newbie journalists online
Andy Riga's Launchpad for Quebec Journalists: Montreal Gazette's in-house online guru's journalism site
The Slot: A valuable guide to resources for copy editors and writers

Politics and Institutions

Alberta Government: Home page for the provincial Tories
Australian Government: Bringing down under over to you
Bloc Quebecois: Official site of the Bloc Quebecois party
British Columbia Government: Home site for the provincial NDP government
British Government: Official site for Tony Blair's Labour government
Cabinet Decisions: Orders-in-Council online from the federal cabinet
Canada West Foundation: Conservative advocacy group for greater power-sharing
Canadian Bar Association": Principal advocacy group for legalists
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives: Left-of-centre think-tank
Canadian Government Information: Good, all-in-one-page stop for such info
Canadian Government Phonebook: From the prime minister to the folks in the trenches
C.D. Howe Institute: Principal economic think-tank
Council of Canadians: Nationalist, left-of-centre advocacy group and think-tank
Elections Canada: The chief electoral officer and his machinery
European Union: Home page for the EU
Federal Government of Canada: Official site of the Canadian government, great search engine and links to departments
Fraser Institute: Leading conservative think-tank
House of Representatives: Good guide to the U.S. congressional muscle
International Governmental Sites: An all-in-one stop for world governance
International Monetary Fund: Home page for the saviour fund
Legislative Assemblies of the North: N.W.T. and Yukon governments online
Liberal Party of Canada: Official site for the federal Liberal party
Manitoba Government: Home site for the ruling Conservatives
National Citizens' Coalition: Populist, conservative, small-government advocacy group
New Brunswick Government: Home page for the Liberal government
New Democratic Party: Official site of the New Democratic Party of Canada
Newfoundland Government: Home page for the Liberal government
Nova Scotia Government: Official site of the Liberal government
Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development: The international economic watchdog
Parliamentary Activities Today: A daily calendar from the Informetrica think-tank's Publinet service
Parliamentary Press Gallery: Information on scribes, hair-and-teeth, pipes and Svengalis in federal media
Prince Edward Island Government: Official site for the ruling Conservatives
Progressive Conservative Party: Official home of the Tories
Public Policy Forum: Non-partisan advocacy group and think-tank on public service
Quebec Government: Home page for the ruling Parti Quebecois government
Reform Party of Canada: Official site of the Reform Party of Canada
United Nations: Home page for the worldwide surveyors
White House: Official site for the president's office
World Bank: International financial rescuers and watchdogs

The Reference Room

Barbara's News Researchers Resources: Fine package of research tools
Bartlett's: Someone said it more brilliantly, just look it up
Basic Math: It might be embarrassing to consult, but writers are not always numerate
Biographies: Strong reference tool on lives lived and living
Business Sources: A Canadian government service to link you to business experts
Canada 411: Save your 75 cents
Canadian Almanac's Canadian Index: Nothing more need be said
CanLaw: A solid reference tool to find Canadian legal information
CIA Worldbook: Intelligence on the world from the world's best intelligence gatherers
Corporate Investigative Services: Online retrieval service for industrial records
Elements of Style: Strunk's definitive guide to writing and editing, still vital after all these years
Encyberpedia: A fine desktop resource
Encyclopedia Mythica: Great resource on mythology and folklore
Experts: A solid online source of smart, accessible folks
Experts, Authorities and Specialists: Great advice on the wiseacres from
FACSNET: Highly recommended research device for journalists
Fact Books and Reference Books: The title says it all
Finding Data Online: Excellent resource for, as the title says, finding data online
Funk and Wagnalls: Just a few thousand reference points
History on the Net: Terrific helper on dates, places, names, context
Infoplease: Authoritative, accessible source for research
Infospace U.S. Phone Directory: Save your long-distance directory charges
Internet Encyclopedia: A good reference a double-click away
Internet Thesaurus: When the appropriate bons mots won't manifest
Journalist's Resources: Carleton professor with a fine site of resources
Kennedy School of Government One-Stop Journalist's Stop: Need we say more?
Law Experts: A good reference tool to find those in the know about law in Canada
Learning Network: An archival resource of the New York Times utility of ability, it calls itself---better to just think of it as a place to learn
ListsNet: A good utility to find the mailing list you want
Lizst: The List of Lists: Find the discussion group you want in this list of lists
List of Lists II: A list of discussion groups and resources
MacroReference: An excellent, albeit cumbersome, encyclopedia
MapBlast: A fine resource of North American maps
MapQuest: Some three million maps at your disposal. Surely you can't need more
Maps in the News: A great concept, well-executed, for journalists in a hurry
Martindale's Reference Desk: One of the original Internet heavyweights
Media Link: Experts, accessible by password, for journalists
National Archives and Records Administration: Huge resource of U.S. records online
National Security Archive: Substantial U.S. vault of data
Navigator: Fine resources from the New York Times
NewsMaps: A good service with maps in the news
One Look: An omnibus dictionary and search engine
ProfNet: A vital resource to find experts quickly
PubMed: Millions of medical and science abstracts online free
Ready Reference Sites: Nicely compiled list of Web and Net resources for research
Reference Desk: A terrific desktop whack of guides and definitive sources
Research Central: Startup: A good beginning to research on the Net
Research-It: A can-do site on finding the facts you need
Roget's Thesaurus: The word-chooser of choice
Sources: The definitive Canadian guide to contacts
Statistics Canada Daily: The daily release of federal surveys
Stats: Provides some numerate advice to journalists on statistical stories
TerraServer: Large map site for downloading at a small fee
Thomas: The extraordinary resource from the Library of Congress
Dean Tudor's Megasources: A journalism professor who can't resist a good link
U.S. Phone Directory: Save your long distance charges
Webgator: Massive list of research resources A humungous site of references, dictionaries, and directories
World Datebook: A good resource to tell you when things happen where
World Leaders: One day you're in, next you're out, and someone has to keep track
World Political Database: Handy, comprehensive data on systems and machinations
World Telephone Directory: All-inclusive phone listing, searchable by country
WWWebster's Dictionary: WWWonderful for wwwords
Yearbook of Experts: A strong helping hand to find the person you need
Indices and Search Engines

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SEARCH:TripodThe Web
Alta Vista: One of the original, and still strong, search engines
Excite: A great search engine
Infoseek: A graphically pleasing, speedy search engine
Metasearch: Why use one search engine when you can use many?
Northern Light: The newest search engine, and a great one
On Now: A good listing of live audio programs
Timecast: A look at impending live events on the Internet
Top 5% of the Web: Generally reliable gauge of the strongest Web content
Yahoo!: The giant of indices and search engines
Yahoo! Canada: Yahoo's Canadian home

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