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Depth: Major Media Online - General, then by Department

General Media

ABC News: A hefty site from a hefty company
Africa Online: A diverse package of daily and feature news from the continent
Alaska Highway News: You can't go much more north
Arizona Republic: Where it's always warmer and newsy
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: The respected paper of the South
The Atlantic Monthly: Still a great magazine
The Australian Observer: A solid online source from Down Under
The Baltimore Sun: The wide-ranging online service from the strong Maryland daily
Bangkok Post: News from Thailand and southeast Asia
Belfast Telegraph: A Northern Ireland news giant
Boulevards: Interesting assemblage of alternative, progressive and eclectic commentary
Bourque Newswatch Canada: A bright and eclectic home to news stories and Net findings
The Boston Globe: One of the best marriages of Web and paper
British Broadcasting Corp.: News from the Beeb
The Calgary Herald: One of Alberta's two fine papers
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: The home of public broadcasting
CBC News: The principal site for the news operation of CBC
CBC Radio: Plenty of audio and text from the public broadcaster
CBS News: One of the AmNet giants
Cable News Network: Strong basic and updated news site
The Chicago Sun-Times: The successful Chicago tabloid
The Chicago Tribune: The successful Chicago broadsheet
Children's Express: Award-winning site by children age 8-18
China Times: English-language daily chronicling the world's largest country
Christian Science Monitor: Journalism oozing with context
Cincinnati Post: The Buckeye State's big paper
Cleveland Plain Dealer: The Buckeye State's other big paper
Consortium for Independent Journalism: This ambitiously-named site also beats the big boys
The Dallas Morning News: The national newspaper of Texas
The Daily Mirror: The popular aggressive tabloid of London
The Daily Telegraph: Europe's, and many days the world's, finest paper
The Denver Post: The premier paper in the middle of the U.S.
Der Spiegel: One of the world's great publications
The Detroit Free Press: One of Motor City's big wheels
The Detroit News: Another one of Motor City's big wheels
The Edmonton Journal: One of Alberta's two fine papers
The European: The fine continental view
Farmer's Almanac: For a decided change of pace
FOX News: A fledgling, but enterprising site
Fredericton Daily Gleaner: New Brunswick capital's daily
The Globe and Mail: Canada's national newspaper
The Guardian of London: Just another respected paper in that city
The Halifax Chronicle-Herald: The sturdy broadsheet
The Halifax Daily News: The Web-distinctive tabloid
The Hamilton Spectator: I am its Editor-in-Chief, so I recommend it
Harper's Magazine: A healthy package of recent pieces from the still-chipper publication
Hartford Courant: The Connecticut alternative to the Boston Globe
Hong Kong Standard: Substantial daily of the region
Honolulu Star-Bulletin: The best newspaper in a city of some distraction
Hot Wired: The ambitious online Wired
Houston Chronicle: Solid online edition from the Lone Star State
The Independent: The increasingly fortified British broadsheet
Indianapolis Star and News: The Hoosier State's prinicipal broadsheet
The International Herald Tribune: The substantial global paper
The Irish Independent:A leading Irish daily
The Irish Times: A leading daily of the emerald isle
The Jerusalem Post: An exceptional, if insiderish compass to Israel
The Johannesburg Star: One of the great South African papers
Kansas City Star: Fine online version of the strong U.S. daily
Kingston Whig-Standard: One of Canada's most ambitious smaller-town dailies
The Kitchener-Waterloo Record: A strong paper of southwest Ontario
Las Vegas Review-Journal: To keep up on matters Vegas, there's no better place
Le Monde : Si vous parlez fran•ais
Le Monde Diplomatique: Si vous connais les affaires globiales
Le Soleil: The Quebec City daily, en francais naturellement
The London Free Press: Southwestern Ontario daily paper blending tabloid ownership and broadsheet format
The Los Angeles Times: One of America's finest papers and sites
Maclean's Magazine: The Canadian national newsmagazine
The Mail and Star: South African voices
The Miami Herald: Acclaimed writing and reporting
Megastories: A large site of newsfeatures from various sources
Minneapolis-St.Paul Star-Tribune: Capable site from the capable paper in the Twin Cities
The Montreal Gazette: The venerable, distinguished Quebec daily
Journal de Montreal: The plucky tabloid from Montreal, en francais
Moscow Times: The Russian English daily
MSNBC: Microsoft and NBC joint forces on journalism
NandoNews: An impressive, veteran newspaper Web site
The Nation: Distinct viewpoint, distinguished presentation
National Post: Canada's new national newspaper, of which I am formerly Executive Editor
National Public Radio: Audio and text from the U.S. public broadcaster
National Review: Distinct viewpoint, distinguished presentation
The New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal: The province's adventurous paper
New Hampshire Union Leader: The chain of the northeastern State
The New Republic: Distinct viewpoint, distinguished presenation
Newscan: Weekly compendium of Canadian news from the embassy in Washington
Newsday: Good online content from the mass-market daily
Newslinx: A substantial daily online look at the online world
NewsPort: A finely designed site with some independent-minded journalism
The New York Daily News: The largest daily in the largest city
The New Yorker: Some content from the great publication
New York Observer: The hip, considered weekly on salmon-coloured paper
New York Post: No-shrinking-violet journalism
The New York Times: The acknowledged champ
Northern News Service: A vital, updated service from Canada's North
Nunatsiaq News: The able paper of Canada's North
The Observer of London: Just another respected paper in that city
Orange Country Register: Good online presence from the Sunshine State daily
The Oregonian: Still one of America's finest
Orlando Sentinel: One of Florida's well-resourced papers
The Ottawa Citizen: Canada's most ambitious paper
The Paris Review: Required reading for the critics
Philadelphia Daily News: From the city of Brotherly Love, one of two fine papers
The Philadelphia Inquirer: One of America's finest papers
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Pennsylvania's principal paper
Reader's Digest: Sure, pretend you've never read it
The Regina Leader-Post: One of two formidable Saskatchewan dailies
Rocky Mountain News: Denver's competitive daily paper
Russia Today: A good window on the former Soviet Union
Salon Magazine: The second most impressive online publication
San Diego Union Tribune: The other big California city and its paper
San Francisco Chronicle: One of two SanFran broadsheets
San Francisco Examiner: One of two SanFran broadsheets
San Jose Mercury: A founding father of online journalism
Saskatoon Star-Phoenix: One of two formidable Saskatchewan dailies
Saturday Night: The Canadian monthly magazine
The Seattle Times: The fine paper of the American Northwest
Slate Magazine: The most impressive online publication
The Smoking Gun: Twice-weekly publication of classified documents
The Southam Newspapers: Canada's largest newspaper chain
South China Morning Post: A Hong Kong powerhouse
Spectator of London: Acclaimed weekly magazine's online presence
Stern Magazine: German and often world-beating
St. John's Evening Telegram: The definitive newspaper of the Rock
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Missouri's big paper
St. Paul Pioneer Planet: Exceptionally creative broadsheet from a left-field place
St. Petersburg Times: The prominent Floridian broadsheet
The Sydney Morning Herald: The definitive paper of Australia
Tampa Tribune: A good Florida paper with a great Web site
Time Magazine: The fine American newsmagazine
Time Magazine Daily: The great online daily from Time
The Times of India: One of India's premier dailies
The Times of London: Revered for a reason
The Toronto Star: Canada's largest paper, with a large site
USA Today : Journalists despise it and read it voraciously
U.S. News and World Report: The fine American newsmagazine
The Vancouver Province: The fine B.C. tabloid
The Vancouver Sun: The fine B.C. broadsheet
Victoria Times-Colonist:The august daily of the British Columbia capital
Washington Monthly: Intelligent newsmagazine with a great perspective
The Washington Post: A great newspaper, with extra Web content
The Washington Times: Aggressive paper that tries hard
: Well-written online magazine
The Windsor Star: Not your average border-town paper
The Winnipeg Free Press: Manitoba's paper of record
World and I: International affairs from the Washington Times
World Press Photo: The definitive site for photojournalism
Yomiuri Shimbun: Japan's largest daily
Yukon News:Good online presence from Canada's northern, western paper