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Speed: Wires and Tickers

Agence-France Presse: English wire from the fine French service
Associated Press: Its ticker service
Bloomberg Business News: Timely, spartan but spot-on commerce coverage
British Broadcasting Corporation: Text from the masterful Beeb
Business Wire: Nothing more or less than its title suggests
Cable News Network: Superb, live, pithy, wired
Cable News Network Financial Network: The commerce offspring of the all-news giant new utility service from the Southam New Media organization
CBC Newsworld: Canada's all-news network
The Canadian Press: Canada's fastest news source, updated regularly
Canadian Online Explorer: The Sun chain and Maclean Hunter, and hats off to the site
CBS Sportsline: Staggeringly fast sports information
Clari.Net: A news service promising tomorrow's news now
Current Events: An updated news and context-laden links site from the Yahoo! index
ENews: The latest in the entertainment world
ESPN SportsZone: Results, news and information
Euronet: Good service from the continent
European Business News: Updated business wire from overseas
FlashNews: Tip service and news wire, a little offbeat
Foreign Wire: A good package of updated world news and features
Infoseek News Channel: Wide-ranging updated service from the massive index
IntelliCast: Updated weather service worldwide
Interfax News Service: The Russian news agency
Metaplus Headlines: An exceptional collection of updated headline services
NewsAlert: An index of news and news releases that tips you when something's happening
News Frontier: Strong updated news service
News Hub: Stories moved in the last 15 minutes or so
NewsMax: A recent addition to the updated news sources
NewsTracker: The finely organized news vehicle of the Excite search engine folks
Nikkei Net: Keeping track of the Japanese markets made simple
Pan-African News Agency: A solid updated news source from the Dark Continent
Press Association: The British news agency
Reuters: The news and stock service extraordinaire
Reuters Canada: Reuters' Canadian news and business wire
Showbiz Wire: The latest from the wires on show business
Sympatico NewsExpress: Updated CP and Reuters feeds
Top News: A headline service from the Lycos folks at Carnegie Mellon University
Washington Post/L.A. Times: Snappy service from two American titans
The Weather Network: The Canadian weather service online
WorldNetDaily: Fine compendium of news and information
Yahoo! News: Peppy, frisky, updated service from the mammoth Web index