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Kirk LaPointe's J-Home

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Addicted to Noise: The fine online critique of the music world
Art Daily: Worthwhile publication on the art world
ArtNet: Strong online view of the art world
Arts & Letters Daily: Exceptional compendium of arts and ideas
Billboard: The music business Bible
BookWeb: The extensive site on literature
Book Wire: The formidable guide to literature
The Boston Review: Required reading for the critics
Cagle's Professional Cartoonist Index: Wide-ranging home to the funny illustrators
Calvin and Hobbes: The Proust and Camus of our time
Cornered: Mike Baldwin's bizarre world
Cyber-Sleaze: A daily dose of gossip and nastier about celebrities, some highly accurate
Dilbert: No day of thinking about business should be without it
Doonesbury: No day of thinking about politics should be without it
E! Online: The E! entertainment network's online hub, and plentiful it is
Entertainment Tonight: Good gossip and showbiz address
Entertainment Weekly: The well-constructed weekly on the entertainment scene
Fade To Black: Generally hiliarious online comedy magazine
The Hollywood Reporter: Insider news from the city of dreams
Internet Movie Database: Arguably the best resource anywhere online for film
Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn: Smug, fun new show with an extensive site
David Letterman's Top Ten List: Informed commentary from a scholarly screwball
London Review of Books: The venerable British book weekly on the Next Big Writer
Graeme MacKay's Cartoons: The illustrator and editorial cartoonist for the Hamilton Spectator
Dennis Miller Live: Official site of the bravest television show ever
Movie Review Query Engine: Find a decent review of just about any film
New Musical Express: The venerable British pop weekly on the Next Big Thing
News of the Weird: Chuck Shepherd's weekly syndicated column on the stranger side of life
The Onion: Online media's satirical voice
People Magazine: A quarter-century old, but still the vital source of weekly, accessible profiles
Plume Noire: A recent, solid addition to the online entertainment media
Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher: The monologue, jokes, and some interactivity
Premiere Magazine: The fine fortnightly on the film world
Rolling Stone: A little greyer, a little less edgy, but still pretty smart after all this time
Mr. Showbiz: Possibly the best online entertainment site
The New York Review of Books: Required reading for the critics
Tonight Show with Jay Leno: All the jokes and then some
TV Guide: The definitive television listings
Ultimate Band List: Great resource on musicians
Ultimate TV: Extensive site for the tele-aficionado
United Media: Generous site of daily comics
Useless Daily Info: A nice, thoroughly useless bit of data each day
User Friendly: The Internet cartoon about the Internet
Variety: The daily trade sheet on show bid-ness
Web de Sol: Substantial, quirky online publication on books
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