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Kirk LaPointe's J-Home

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Politics and Institutions

Alberta Government: Home page for the provincial Tories
Australian Government: Bringing down under over to you
Bloc Quebecois: Official site of the Bloc Quebecois party
British Columbia Government: Home site for the provincial NDP government
British Government: Official site for Tony Blair's Labour government
Cabinet Decisions: Orders-in-Council online from the federal cabinet
Canada West Foundation: Conservative advocacy group for greater power-sharing
Canadian Bar Association": Principal advocacy group for legalists
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives: Left-of-centre think-tank
Canadian Government Information: Good, all-in-one-page stop for such info
Canadian Government Phonebook: From the prime minister to the folks in the trenches
C.D. Howe Institute: Principal economic think-tank
Council of Canadians: Nationalist, left-of-centre advocacy group and think-tank
Elections Canada: The chief electoral officer and his machinery
European Union: Home page for the EU
Federal Government of Canada: Official site of the Canadian government, great search engine and links to departments
Fraser Institute: Leading conservative think-tank
House of Representatives: Good guide to the U.S. congressional muscle
International Governmental Sites: An all-in-one stop for world governance
International Monetary Fund: Home page for the saviour fund
Legislative Assemblies of the North: N.W.T. and Yukon governments online
Liberal Party of Canada: Official site for the federal Liberal party
Manitoba Government: Home site for the ruling Conservatives
National Citizens' Coalition: Populist, conservative, small-government advocacy group
New Brunswick Government: Home page for the Liberal government
New Democratic Party: Official site of the New Democratic Party of Canada
Newfoundland Government: Home page for the Liberal government
Nova Scotia Government: Official site of the Liberal government
Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development: The international economic watchdog
Parliamentary Activities Today: A daily calendar from the Informetrica think-tank's Publinet service
Parliamentary Press Gallery: Information on scribes, hair-and-teeth, pipes and Svengalis in federal media
Prince Edward Island Government: Official site for the ruling Conservatives
Progressive Conservative Party: Official home of the Tories
Public Policy Forum: Non-partisan advocacy group and think-tank on public service
Quebec Government: Home page for the ruling Parti Quebecois government
Reform Party of Canada: Official site of the Reform Party of Canada
United Nations: Home page for the worldwide surveyors
White House: Official site for the president's office
World Bank: International financial rescuers and watchdogs
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