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Kirk LaPointe's J-Home

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The Business of Journalism

Adbusters: Irreverent look at the way we sell things
Ad Critic: Substantial reviews of the commercial medium
Advertising Age: The definitive journal for the revenue stream
American Copy Editors' Society: Respect them
American Editor: Online version of the ASNE publication
American Journalism Review: An exceptional guide to resources
American Society of Newspaper Editors: Organization for execs
Associated Press Managing Editors: American execs
Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications: Pushing for higher standards
Australian Centre for Independent Journalism: As the title says
Brill's Content: Steven Brill's controversial media magazine
Broadcasting and Cable: U.S. magazine on the two media
Access to Information: Journalist Jim Bronskill's guide to Access to Information
ByLine Magazine: Resources and tips for the writer
Canadian Association of Journalists: The country's club for the craft
Canadian Committee to Protect Journalists: Scrutinizing threats to the craft
Canadian Newspapers Association: Industry group for newspapers
Canadian University Press: The organization for the student papers
Noam Chomsky's Archives: Musings and more serious from the media critic
Columbia Journalism Review: The improved online edition of the business Bible
Commonwealth Press Union: Association for the Commonwealth press
The Copy Editor: Because not everyone just writes
Current: Online look at U.S. public broadcasting
Daily Planet: An updated look at the media world
Bill Dedman's Resources for Journalists: A top online journalist's advice
Hal Doran's Journalism Page:A veteran finds the best of the Net
Editor & Publisher: A strong resource for our work
Electronic Frontier Canada: Watchdog on online rights and issues
eMediaweekly: The upstart review of the publishing world
Ethics: Organization on journalistic ethics
FAIR: Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, U.S. watchdog
Fire Photos: Experts on how to shoot flames properly
Hollinger Inc.: Corporate site for the newspaper giant
International Association for Newspapers and Media Technology: Says it all in the title
International Consortium of Investigative Journalists: Imposing title describes it
International Newspaper Marketing Executives: Worldwide organization on marketing
International Federation of Journalists: Worldwide organization on the craft
Internet News Resource: A recommended site for research and reading
Internet Newsroom: A helpful service for journalists online
Investigative Reporters and Editors: U.S.-based club for diggers
J-Files: Computer-Assisted Journalism: Helpful resource on CAR
Journalism Forum: The large j-forum on CompuServe
JournalismNet: Julian Sher's still fine page
Marketing Magazine: Canadian weekly on selling the product we make
Mary McGuire's Journalism Page: Journalist turned professor with site for journalists
Media Central: Journalism review from the Cowles group
Media Gossip: Reasonable site for inside workings of the business
Media Research Central: U.S. site on media activity
Media Studies Centre: U.S. centre pushing for greater media standards
Media Week: When you have to know who's moving up and down
News Corp.: Corporate site for the Murdoch world
Newspaper Association of America: Industry group for newspapers
NewsPlace: Solid site on journalism and resources
NewsWatch: Formerly Project Censored Canada, critical guide on media
NICAR: U.S. National Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting
North American Communications Schools: Handy site to the institutes
Online Journalism Review: Critical entity on Web journalism
Online Journalist: A strong resource for journalists on the Internet
Photographers on the Net: A good list of photojournalists worldwide
Photography Advice: Information and tips, including digital advice, from Calgary Herald shooter
Press Time: Review from the Newspaper Association of America
Publishers Weekly: For the bookish set
The Poynter Institute: Professional and academic media centre
The Cox Institute: American academic organization on media
Publishers Weekly: The insiderish look at the business of publication
The Pulitzer Organization: We should hope
Quill: The review from the Society of Professional Journalists
Reporters' Committee for a Free Press: U.S. journalist group lobbying for reporters' rights
Reporter's Internet Survival Guide: Great starting point for newbie journalists online A worthy list of reporters online and not
Andy Riga's Launchpad: Montreal Gazette's online guru's journalism site
ShopTalk:Don Fitzpatrick's terrific, bang-on daily on the broadcast business
The Slot: A valuable guide to resources for copy editors and writers
Society of Newspaper Designers: Pretty pages are them
Society of Professional Journalists: Club for the high-minded craft
Southam Inc.: Corporate site for the Canadian newspaper chain
Strategy: New site for the magazine on the media business
Thomson Corp.: Corporate site for the communications firm
Torstar Corp.: Corporate site for the communications firm
typoGRAPHIC: An artistic look at the design of typography
Week: British journalism review
WordBiz.Net: A fine review of the business of making stories
World Newspaper Association: International organization for the business
Writer and Publisher: Basic resource for employee and employer
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