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Kirk LaPointe's J-Home

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World Media

Africa Online: A diverse package of daily and feature news from the continent
The Australian: Intelligent national newspaper from Down Under
The Australian Observer: A solid online source from Down Under
Bangkok Post: News from Thailand and southeast Asia
Belfast Telegraph: A Northern Ireland news giant
British Broadcasting Corp.: News from the Beeb
China Times: English-language daily chronicling the world's largest country
The Daily Mirror: The popular aggressive tabloid of London
The Daily Telegraph: Europe's, and many days the world's, finest paper
Der Spiegel: One of the world's great publications
The Economist: Richly written definitive source on the world
Euronet: Good service from the continent
The European: The fine continental view
Foreign Wire: A good package of updated world news and features
The Guardian of London: Just another respected paper in that city
Hong Kong Standard: Substantial daily of the region
The Independent: The increasingly fortified British broadsheet, with a terrific new format
Interfax News Service: The Russian news agency
The International Herald Tribune: The substantial global paper
The Irish Independent:A leading Irish daily
The Irish Times: A leading daily of the emerald isle
The Jakarta Post: English-language Indonesian daily
The Jerusalem Post: An exceptional, if insiderish compass to Israel
The Johannesburg Star: One of the great South African papers
Le Monde: The world's finest French-language paper
Le Monde Diplomatique: The world's finest French-language analytical paper
The Mail and Star: South African voices
Manila Times: The massive Philippines daily
Moscow Times: The Russian English daily
New Zealand Herald: The Kiwi country's strong national paper
The Observer of London: Just anotheanother respected paper in that city
Russia Today: A good window on the former Soviet Union
South China Morning Post: A Hong Kong powerhouse
Spectator of London: Acclaimed weekly magazine's online presence
Stern Magazine: German and often world-beating
The Sydney Morning Herald: The definitive paper of Australia
The Times of India: One of India's premier dailies
The Times of London: Revered for a reason
World and I: International affairs from the Washington Times
World Press Photo: The definitive site for photojournalism
World Tribune: Strong international news site
Yomiuri Shimbun: Japan's largest daily
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