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Life and Science

48 Hours: Consumer-friendly medical journal online
ABC News: Science: Outstanding site from the large news organization
Australian Broadcasting Corp. Science: Great science site from broadcaster down under
Berkeley Lab Science Beat: Exceptional, educational, accessible site on science
Canadian Living: Sturdy magazine about life in general
Discover Magazine: The accessible guide to the world
Discovery Channel Canada: The strong resource of the Canadian network
Discussion Network: A pile of newsgroups that help you assess the street buzz on any issue
Doctor Koop Online: The famous former U.S. Surgeon-General's advice
Doctor's Guide: A compendium of the latest medical journal research
Eureka!: An alert service for breakthroughs
Food TV: One of the stronger epicurean sites
Health News: A solid, expansive guide on the latest health information
Health Writer: A generous batch of resources by one for one
InScight: A terrific science site with plenty of explanatory notes
iVillage: An impressive, expansive site for women
Journal of American Medical Association: A leading research journal online
Junk Science: An excellent debunking site
The Lancet: The distinguished British medical journal online
Medical Tribune: The solid medical journal online
National Geographic: The world at your desktop
Nature: The ground-breaking science magazine
New England Journal of Medicine: Weekly groundbreaking journal on advances
The New Scientist: The literate, accessible guide to science
People Magazine: Still light and delightful
PubMed: Millions of medical and science abstracts online free
Reason Magazine: Thoughtful, refined publication
Science: The scholarly, but accessible science publication
Science Magazine: Strong roundup of research and perspectives
Science News: Valuable roundup of the latest material
Scientific American: The literate guide to the sciences
Skeptic News: Another take on conventional wisdom
Smithsonian Magazine: Superb magazine from the superb institute
Thrive Magazine: Relatively new addition from the Pathfinder juggernaut
UniSci: Scientific research from U.S. institutes
WebDoctor: A good package of the latest research from journals
Whyfiles: A consistently strong look at the science behind the news
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